In Room Gifts at The George in Rye, East Sussex

It's the details that make the difference. If you know someone who is coming to The George, let us know and we can add a little touch to make their experience extra special. Such as...
  • Chocolate box

    Chocolate box

    Treat them to a sumptuous box of chocolates, courtesy of über chocolatier, Rococo. To be dipped into at the odd interval, or enjoyed tucked up in bed while watching a DVD.

  • Flowers


    From the perfect bunch of velvety roses, to a Technicolor explosion of gloriously scented flowers that can't help but make them smile.

  • Champagne bottle

    Champagne bottle

    Bubbly is always welcome, isn't it? We'll have a chilled bottle in the room waiting for them, from the Chapel Down vineyard in Tenterden, Kent, or classic French House Champagne. Just as long as they don't spray it round the room, Formula One style....

  • Massage & Reflexology

    Massage & Reflexology

    From deep-tissue massage that will sort out aches, to blissfully relaxing aromatherapy treatments with soothing oils. They will all leave the recipient floating, so let us know which kind you'd like to arrange.

  • Do not hesitate to contact Reception who will be more than happy to discuss how to make the most of your friend's stay. Or for yourself - why not? To order in room gifts please contact us on 01797 222114 or email

Prices for in room gifts (Starting from...)

Chocolate box
House Champagne
Chapel Down Brut
Massage & Reflexology