The George in Rye Logo Book


Kim Balasubramaniam
“Kim creates exceptional weddings for stylish clients. We have become synonymous with the design of beautiful, elegant celebrations that truly reflect each couple. We will work with you to create a wedding that is unique to you and our aim is for you to have a wonderful time during the entire process. The range of celebrations we have worked on is vast, so whether your ideal wedding is a chic intimate affair or a fantastically flamboyant party, we will ensure that it is designed and planned to perfection”.

Bellaboo and Beau
“A creative styling company that specialises in weddings and events. We offer an entirely dedicated and bespoke service to our clients, whether it be designing stationery, creating favours or styling and setting on the day using our extensive collection of vintage and quirky props and installations.”

Pea Green Boat
“An online party paraphernalia emporium stocking beautiful, original and stylish decorations, stationery, tableware, cake toppers, name cards and accessories for wondrous celebrations. Our range of special, often hand-made pieces, is sourced from all over the world; from our Lace tissue bunting – hand-chiseled in Mexico to our fair-trade circle garlands sewn in Nepal.  Much is made right here in the UK.  Drawing on their backgrounds in interior design and film production Tessa Wire and Zoe Moore bring a modern, creative and fun aesthetic to the world of weddings.” Guests of The George in Rye are welcome to a 10% discount at Pea Green Boat by following this link


Hello friends of the George.

As our restoration continues through 2021, we wanted to give you an update on our progress.

The roof is on, and scaffolding is coming down in stages. The top floor bedrooms are now complete and looking incredible. The Ballroom has a beautiful new plaster ceiling; the chandeliers are gleaming and ready to install, and the floors have been laid. Working our way down, our attention has turned to the ground floor with lots of exciting developments.
Things are really starting to take shape and it doesn’t feel too far distant now when we will be fluffing up the pillows on beds and firing up the Josper for our first dinner service. We can’t wait!

We had hoped to open for Christmas, but realistically it will be 2022; we will, of course, let you know when we have a confirmed date.

We would like to thank the local and wider community for their support, and we can't wait to welcome you back to show you all the amazing things that have been happening behind the scenes.

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Best wishes
Alex, Katie and all the team at The George