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Comic Relief Etc.

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Many visitors to Rye tell us that the highlight of their trip has been stumbling into the shop Glass Etc and coming out a few pounds poorer but much happier. Run by raconteur and glass Expert Andy McConnell, who is one of the Experts on the BBCs Antiques Roadshow, Glass Etc. is a treasure trove of a shop. It specialises in glassware – much of it completely affordable –  which sits on the shelves looking beautiful and twinkling, and you can usually guarantee when you go in that:

a. Fleetwood Mac will be playing
b. You will be offered a cup of tea
c. There will always be something anomolous for sale (a few months ago there was a sack of Wet Walnuts from Andy’s house in France)

Inside the treasure-trove of Glass Etc.

Inside the treasure-trove of Glass Etc.

It’s truly a wonderful place that takes life light-heartedly, so it came as no surprise to hear that Andy will be starring in Comic Relief this Friday night. Tune in to BBC2 at 6.30pm tonight (friday) for Priceless Antiques Roadshow, where andy will be traversing Rye with tongue firmly in cheek. Expect much mischief and fun…

Andy McConnell in action on Antiques Roadshow