Art Attack

For all you budding artists out there, we’re very lucky to have Fiona Graham-Mackay at The George in Rye next week, where she’ll be running a series of art classes between 28 – 30 April.

Fiona has lived all over the world – she is a Border Scot but spent periods of her childhood in Nigeria and Central America. Her artistic talents went through the roof as she grew up, and so Fiona headed off to the Royal College of Art, where she studied alongside Quentin Blake.

Though Fiona continues to travel heavily, she now lives near Rye in the countryside, where she practices oil painting, portraiture and runs an annual festival of painters. Some of her recent work comes from her time in Morocco, The Alhambra, among tribesmen and women in Pakistan and at sea (she sails an ocean-going yacht).


So, whether you’ve never picked up a paintbrush in your life, or are an artist yourself who’d like to develop your skills, come join us for the art break. Find out more about Fiona on her website, and as a taster, here’s her account of Robin Knox-Johnston’s round the world boat trip, taken from the website:

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Conversation with Courage:

“There is a sense in Robin Knox-Johnston that he could never have been ordinary. The first man to sail single-handed non-stop round the world in Sulhali, his boat he built in India. He set out on the last round-the-world race at the age of 67. In this painting I saw the strength and courage of this man. Someone said, “O Robin? He’ll be all right. In the middle of the gale, he’d just make himself an Irish Coffee and fight it. And he’ll win.” The brush strokes took on the tempo of the wind. It had to be got down. A sense of urgency. But then, I saw him, casually surveying the wreckage. Knowing what had to be done next. Then sailing on, all alone. Eventually, I thought, most of us have to do that. We all have Gale Force 10’s sometime in our lives.’” – Fiona Graham-Mackay