We’re One of the 10 Cosiest Hotels!

This is our kind of writeup. The Guardian have included us as one of the 10 cosiest hotels in the UK to beat the winter chill. We love being thought of as cosy, it means much more us than accolades of being grand. Which we’re not, really.

A Very Cosy Bed

If you’re coming to The George in Rye in the next few weeks and want to get cosy, we’ve plenty to get you going:

– DVDs to enjoy in-room.
– Cashmere-covered hot waterbottles
– Lambswool blankets
– Vintage Penguin paperpacks
– Big mugs of hot choc
– Warming baths with REN rose oil

Check out all 10 hotels here and come down if you fancy warming up in deepest darkest February!

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