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Hello There

Yep, The George in Rye finally has its own blog. You can expect this to be a place where we report on interesting and unusual things happening in and around Rye, and offer an irreverent take on what’s going on at The George in Rye.

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Ok, first off – in a couple of days Rye will be overrun with scallops for the Rye Bay Scallop Festival.  If you love seafood, this one’s a goodie. Many of the restaurants round town lay on special scallop menus, or if you’re really into your food, look out for the cooking classes. Market Fisheries are running a scellop cutting demonstration for the cheffy ones among you.

Two years ago a journalist came to cover the festival and managed to eat about 20 scallops. If you manage to beat this record, let us know: we salute you.

Scallops be Afeared - the fishin boat's coming to get you!

The festival’s running between 20th – 28th Feb, and you can find out what’s going on at the festival website.

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